• Custom Formula

    We have perfected our colored foundations and setting powder with our own exclusive formula which started in a blender in 2020. Our formula is designed to allow every beginner feel like a master pro. It cuts application time in half by covering more surface area in half the time. Our customized formula is made specifically for our brand so you can be assured you are getting top quality. We pride ourselves on being the first to bring these innovative products to the creative makeup audience.

  • Supporting Small Business

    Support a small, black, woman owned brand who is passionate about her products and customers. Without the incredible artist that highlight our products we simply wouldn’t exist. Every time you shop with us you literally help our brand grow and bring more innovative products.

  • Feel the Beat

    If you love music then our brand is made especially for you. We love to merge the idea of music and makeup bringing you a fun, flirty, exciting ensemble of products both beauty and creative sfx.